The Beautiful Bovec and What to Do There

Bovec, a gorgeous city located in the northwest of Slovenia, is a famous tourist attraction surrounded by mountains, fresh air and unspoilt nature. During the winter, skiing and ice skating are the most common ways of entertainment while during the summer, the crystal clear Soca takes care of the fun and amusement. In the warmer days of the year, the river attracts photographers, fishermen and sport lovers. The most favoured activities in the area are canyoning and rafting. Bovec provides many opportunities to do both.

Bovec canyoning or rafting?

When you are in the region, you might not have time to try every single activity that is offered. Everything might not be your cup of tea. Do you prefer a sort of physical boundary between you and the river? You might want to consider rafting. Bovec, with its fast currents on the river, is a great place for rafting and fun is guaranteed. But there are definitely those who think close contact with the water would be more enjoyable. Try Bovec canyoning if you are one of them! It enables you to dive directly into the river through numerous cliffs and waterfalls so you can feel the water on your skin – or better yet on your neoprene suit. Safety first, of course! So, whether you choose Bovec canyoning or rafting, Bovec has got you covered. The best decision would certainly be to try both, so if you have the time and the means, opt for that.