Discovering the Soca valley

The Soca valley features prominently on all the promotional material for Slovenia, and is even the sole destination for many foreign visitors. It’s mostly chosen by the adventurers that want to have a unique experience in the middle of a stunning nature. And what better way there is for exploring the valley than doing that with various thrilling activities?

One popular choice is rafting, but you’ll have to choose a good starting point. If you decide to try that, you’re in luck – there is one perfect starting point for rafting, Bovec. Soca river is close by and the town is well developed, so you can make it your base for the duration of your stay. It’s not just rafting, Bovec, Soca, and the other features make the ambient perfect and very convenient for all kinds of activities, as well as for spending your days enjoying the summer under the high mountains. But the main attraction is still rafting Bovec. Soca can be explored from the boat from a unique perspective, giving the picturesque environment an even better spin!

Some of the visitors would like to try a more hands-on approach. Floating down the river in a boat seems fine, but how about making your own adventure in the canyons that crisscross the valley? Soca canyoning is another popular activity that will impress the adventurers. It’s carried out in several canyons of the river’s tributaries, so it’s not technically Soca canyoning, but still close enough for the purposes of discovering the wonderful natural surroundings. Soca canyoning offers a unique perspective as well, but you’ll be focused mainly on the obstacles ahead of you – it’s hard work and you might be in action for hours! A great choice for the adventurers that want to really test themselves.