Where to go for rafting and kayaking?

If you’re an adventurer, seeking the perfect spot for rafting and kayaking, look no further than the Soča River in Slovenia. It offers a perfect choice for almost every visitor, at least for those that are not afraid to get wet – the whole valley is very well suited for all kinds of interesting activities, with rafting and kayaking being the most prominent.

For rafting, Soča is ideal. It offers everything you can imagine, from long and subdued rides on a wider stretches of the river to fast and dynamic races over white-water rapids. One thing is sure, for rafting, Soča guarantees the best possible experience. The programs are well adapted to different requirements and wishes, most of them offer a long and pleasant tour of the river, floating down the waves for three hours or more! No wonder that rafting Soča is one of the most popular activities in this valley, with a significant share of visitors being from abroad.

Another activity that is perfect on the Soca River, kayaking, is also pretty popular with locals and visitors alike. It offers even more than rafting in some ways, especially to those that are used of navigating rivers in such a vessel. For Soca River kayaking, there are several options – one of them is to just rent a kayak (or bring your own) and enjoy in the pristine natural surroundings. This is the best choice for experienced kayakers, while the beginners will rather choose guided tours or even a kayak school. Again, one thing is certain for Soca River kayaking – the river offers the best possible ambient for this kind of activities, so a nice, unforgettable experience is virtually guaranteed, especially with help of experienced and friendly guides and tourist agencies.