Slovenians are a Sporty Nation

From hiking to Triglav to Soca Canyoning, from rafting on Soca river to swimming in Portorož, Slovenians are famous for their love of exercise and movement. During the weekends, this adorable little nation of only two million people does not sleep on the couch or binge-watch TV, stuffing their faces with popcorn or chips. They do not sleep until noon and then visit one of the nearest restaurants for a big leisurely brunch. No, Slovenians are not like that. Instead of chilling at home, they run outside, most often out in nature. They take advantage of the gorgeous landscape that surrounds them and escape the stress of their jobs, schools and problems with some good old exercise. In the winter they grab their skiing gear and head to one of the numerous nearby ski slopes. They look for their old dusty ice-skates and go search for a beautiful frozen lake. In the summer, they go hiking somewhere in Slovenia. Bovec is especially convenient as the view is magnificent. They grab their snorkels and flippers and drive to their small, but still beautiful piece of coast. Adrenaline lovers go Soca canyoning. Soca canyoning is as fun as it sounds, so a large amount of Slovenian extreme sports enthusiasts join the fun every year during the summer months. With a large number of mountains, Slovenia has a lot of rock climbers as well, who sometimes flee the country to try bigger mountains outside borders. We should also not forget the horse riders. Beautiful horses of Lipica are one of the country’s biggest attractions, so a lot of people visit the alluring creatures. Yes, Slovenians are definitely not a lazy nation. Instead of sleeping and resting they run, walk, ski, swim, etc. Anything, as long as it includes movement.